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Frances Reigne Hernandez aka “France” was a total elite girl who’s been desired by every boys who knew her after sight which made many girls jealous over her. She is not a beauty queen but she looks like one, not a princess but always treated like one. Similar to a fashion magazine, she was, as expected wearing the latest design of famous clothing lines. Despite of this adoring life, she doesn’t have a love life for reasons that no single guy can pass her high standards about relationships.


Until from nowhere a hunk model from Japan came into her life in a span of a night. She met Aeneas Sky Akira, another wild charming guy who thinks that he’s the perfect fantasy of every girl which used to be a fact, but thanks to France it’s now a fiction. Sky has a pinay mother and a half Spanish half Japanese father that explains his striking looks.


And now, what if the princess will become a damsel in distress and turns out that her suppose to be knight in shining armor will be the one entitled to make her life worse than ever aside from changing her heart completely. A socialite spoiled princess versus a handsome wild guy, can there be a sequel to World War 2?



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